Sonoma Barn looking good.

We used a semitransparent stain on the body . And a teak on the doors and even. Looks good to me! Lucky horses.!!!

Ezra PucciSonoma Barn looking good.

One of a kind Organic specialty finishes. Offered only by Ezra!

Here it is the finished product. I was shocked when I saw the raw redwood siding inside this carriage house. I was able to block out the red stain from the 50’s. Then proceeded with an Italian organic  lime application to emulate barnwood. The space is now Safe, beautiful and will provide my client the best air quality due to …

Ezra PucciOne of a kind Organic specialty finishes. Offered only by Ezra!

Windsor golf club restaurant. ” Charlies “

When your business cant shut down we can help. This project we arrived at 930 pm. And painted until the breakfast staff arrived at 7:00 am. THAT WAS A HUGE CEILING.

Ezra PucciWindsor golf club restaurant. ” Charlies “

Refinish table Sonoma Ca.

Sometimes you can see where your going before you get there. when you have a plan nothing is impossible. My clients had this Table and it was a wreck. It was covered in a white Latex paint applied by brush. Needless to say it was also done very poorly. I recommended that we stain the top dark and my client …

Ezra PucciRefinish table Sonoma Ca.

Wow! thats the $!#%t Right! Roma Paints, By: Ezra Pucci

ALright, I’ll make this as painless as possible. First I finished the brand new maple cabinets with WHite Roma Domus a BIo line of paints that is organic.(months ago) I then finished the Island in a killer two tone blue with glaze and hints of white. Than my client chose to redo all the lowers because the island was so …

Ezra PucciWow! thats the $!#%t Right! Roma Paints, By: Ezra Pucci

Harmony using Roma paints and varnishes .

When using these great product, it makes for ease of use and happy painters. And when it looks this good who cant be happy. Zero Voc= zero complaints zero harmful effects.

Ezra PucciHarmony using Roma paints and varnishes .

BIG! Interior painting! Amormino & Pucci painting co.

Hello everyone,   Just got these pictures from a job I completed a couple years ago. It was a new construction home and I was given the first shot at bidding this project. I wasn’t the cheapest bid they received but they had heard that they could count on me giving them the quality they needed for this scale of …

Ezra PucciBIG! Interior painting! Amormino & Pucci painting co.

Amormino & Pucci Painting co. Sonoma, Ca. Making small projects Big.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>    CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO …..   Sometimes investing in weeks worth of work can make the difference between loving your home or settling  with the awful existing finishes day in day out.  (wallpaper in this case) This space was tattered and worn with oak cabinetry, tired woodwork and sad paint. I  arrived to a master bathroom …

Ezra PucciAmormino & Pucci Painting co. Sonoma, Ca. Making small projects Big.

Hey it’s me….Is that you?

When we wander and weave through our days, meeting our friends, relatives and the strangers we engage. Isn’t it amazing that we all have little things we want to talk about and say, but don’t.   Whether its your own personal dreams you want to share, desires, wants, or needs , Or you want to simply say Hello to someone. …

Ezra PucciHey it’s me….Is that you?

My Abstract art.

Even though we are busy running around, working, taking care of our families. It is important to find time to relax, release and decompress from life’s stress and business. I like to create! It can be clay work, art, furniture or just sitting down with a pencil and paper and drawing. Things in life used to be more simplified, our …

Ezra PucciMy Abstract art.

Sonoma Valley Painting Co. Amormino & Pucci complete the Patz & Hall tasting room.

Ezra Pucci fully understood the vision and couldn’t wait to make this New Tasting room look GOOD!    Once the red tape was cut,  He began the painting work on  the the new  Patz & Hall Family winery’s tasting room.  Amormino & Pucci Painting company was selected for the painting and  finishing work. Which included 8,000 square feet of open spaces which were converted …

Ezra PucciSonoma Valley Painting Co. Amormino & Pucci complete the Patz & Hall tasting room.

Base coat wood grain

Final goal is to build multiple layers and match mahogany stained Douglas fir.

Ezra PucciBase coat wood grain