This is a full interior exterior project to be completed by our team. We partnered with a well known painter Donna Carr.  Using both our talents and experience providing Sonoma county a one of a kind service. With quality craftsmanship and superior service. You can count on us to meet your expectations. And beyond.



Here we are again applying lime to furniture. The results are always amazing. If your looking to transform the colors of the wood without stain the Lime can be tinted to achieve this.  We can apply it to turn the wood grey tones and then remove the lime to unveil the brown tones of the wood that have been changed …


Whippin up some fresh cabinet finishes.

Here’s a couple Pics of Jared one of my crew standing tall refinishing a local Sonoma kitchen.  We forgot to take the before picture! But this was the typical production grade Oak cabinets.  We filled the grain and built up a beautiful finish.  I’ll add the finished product pictures in a couple days.  Cheers!

Ezra PucciWhippin up some fresh cabinet finishes.

Wow! thats the $!#%t Right! Roma Paints, By: Ezra Pucci

ALright, I’ll make this as painless as possible. First I finished the brand new maple cabinets with WHite Roma Domus a BIo line of paints that is organic.(months ago) I then finished the Island in a killer two tone blue with glaze and hints of white. Than my client chose to redo all the lowers because the island was so …

Ezra PucciWow! thats the $!#%t Right! Roma Paints, By: Ezra Pucci

BIG! Interior painting! Amormino & Pucci painting co. somomapaintco.com

Hello everyone,   Just got these pictures from a job I completed a couple years ago. It was a new construction home and I was given the first shot at bidding this project. I wasn’t the cheapest bid they received but they had heard that they could count on me giving them the quality they needed for this scale of …

Ezra PucciBIG! Interior painting! Amormino & Pucci painting co. somomapaintco.com