Amormino & Pucci Painting co. Sonoma, Ca. Making small projects Big.

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Sometimes investing in weeks worth of work can make the difference between loving your home or settling  with the awful existing finishes day in day out.  (wallpaper in this case) This space was tattered and worn with oak cabinetry, tired woodwork and sad paint. I  arrived to a master bathroom that was covered in sad painted over wallpaper. The moisture over the years had deteriorated the paper and it was flaking off. Oh did I mention it was already painted over TWICE! I knew that this was going to take patience and lots time. The end result with an amazing color selection over a level 4 smooth wall application, I was able to turn this space into a calm and tranquil space that was gentle on the eyes and complete. We are currently finishing the second bathroom. In my happy little video below you will see I excluded the wallpaper removal pictures (its such a mess) .  So if there is something in your home that you need refinished or painted to make you feel better again.I can make the small projects Big and the big even bigger.    E. PUCCI

Ezra PucciAmormino & Pucci Painting co. Sonoma, Ca. Making small projects Big.