BIG! Interior painting! Amormino & Pucci painting co.

banister Hello everyone,   Just got these pictures from a job I completed a couple years ago. It was a new construction home and I was given the first shot at bidding this project. I wasn’t the cheapest bid they received but they had heard that they could count on me giving them the quality they needed for this scale of home. I negotiated a price with my client that we were both happy with and the project began. As you will see in the video there was lots of work to do prepping  the crown molding, banister, handrails, and cabinets throughout all Mahogany. This was a Colonial/ Gone with the wind style home. Me and my crew lacquered the mahogany cabinetry, the handrails, painted the balusters white, Painted all the walls and ceilings.  There was extensive double crown moldings, fluted trim, trim with Rosettes and more trim,  eight foot doors. We also completed the exterior work which included many exterior columns that we banded together and used Bondo to eliminate the seems since they are two piece fiberglass. The video is short but packed very high quality finishes. And this is just another beautiful project that I’m proud to share.  Enjoy.

Ezra PucciBIG! Interior painting! Amormino & Pucci painting co.