Organic Painting! In Sonoma (Healthy living spaces)!

Hello! I wanted to share another Organic panting sonoma project with everyone. As you know I ve been painting with the most amazing products in the world for 10 years now. These products I use are not being offered to anyone in Sonoma or the Northbay that Im aware of.  There are a limited number of painters who would even …

Ezra PucciOrganic Painting! In Sonoma (Healthy living spaces)!

What is Custom Painting? Isn’t every painter the same?

Don’t you love that title?  Custom Painting?     Painters……Well for many 1000’s of years we have been the ever burdened laborers who have been just the LABORERS. But..Every now and again inside a painter sparks an artistic ability that empowers the painter.  I like to think I have that spark! I consider myself an applicator or a finisher and …

Ezra PucciWhat is Custom Painting? Isn’t every painter the same?

Painting Nursery

Hello, today I wanted to share an amazing project here in Sonoma for a new mom. Jolena Helen was expecting a baby girl and wanted her nursury to be the best it could be for her new joy. I used three different colors and three different size stripes to accomplish this painting task. We painted the crown Moulding and also …

Ezra PucciPainting Nursery

Ezra Pucci ( Paintman) A happy painter is a good painter!

My client shot this photo while I was applying the Iron Acetate solution to his barn walls and doors. A truly organic finish and beautiful. A good painter is a happy painter

Ezra PucciEzra Pucci ( Paintman) A happy painter is a good painter!

Organic painting , Walls , trim & Cabinetry. Roma Paints, By Ezra Pucci

Here are some great pictures I just received from Del Dev Co. Construction. Who teamed up with Robert Bauman & associates. I designed the finish on the cabinets which was a potassium silicate based product. I aged the cabinets with aging techniques, and distress work that included water damage effects,splitting, wear and traditional use damage. I aged the kitchen naturally …

Ezra PucciOrganic painting , Walls , trim & Cabinetry. Roma Paints, By Ezra Pucci

Specialty wine barrel

My friends opened a new restaurant in Glenn Ellen ca. They wanted something unique! So they called on me to create something cool for the entry. I incorporated lime,metallic and patina to create a beautiful barrel. [attach 1] [attach 2] [attach 3] [attach 4] [attach 5] [attach 6] [attach 7] [attach 8] [attach 9] [attach 10] [attach 11]

Ezra PucciSpecialty wine barrel

Spartacus the Horse

Its always nice to hear from old customers. I received a call today from a past client, she was a bit concerned about the finish she received on a new set of cabinets. I was shocked at the work she received. And informed her the work in my eyes was very poor and she needed to refuse the work. Its …

Ezra PucciSpartacus the Horse


This is a full interior exterior project to be completed by our team. We partnered with a well known painter Donna Carr.  Using both our talents and experience providing Sonoma county a one of a kind service. With quality craftsmanship and superior service. You can count on us to meet your expectations. And beyond.



Here we are again applying lime to furniture. The results are always amazing. If your looking to transform the colors of the wood without stain the Lime can be tinted to achieve this.  We can apply it to turn the wood grey tones and then remove the lime to unveil the brown tones of the wood that have been changed …


Whippin up some fresh cabinet finishes.

Here’s a couple Pics of Jared one of my crew standing tall refinishing a local Sonoma kitchen.  We forgot to take the before picture! But this was the typical production grade Oak cabinets.  We filled the grain and built up a beautiful finish.  I’ll add the finished product pictures in a couple days.  Cheers!

Ezra PucciWhippin up some fresh cabinet finishes.