If you are looking to remodel your kitchen cabinets, we will provide you with the best solutions and possible finish types to obtain exactly the finish and look you desire. Remodeling a kitchen is a big undertaking, and one of the big choices is whether replacing the kitchen cabinets or painting kitchen cabinets. A new coat of paint or lacquer can restore a drab kitchen and bring it back to life, and in many cases is much less expensive than replacing all the cabinets. Some people choose to replace the kitchen cabinets because they are tired of the look, while others consider painting kitchen cabinets because they are planning on selling the house. Here are a few pointers from our experience…

Deciding on painting Kitchen Cabinets?

Because the kitchen is probably the most popular room in the house for those who are looking for a new home, it’s the one room that should be
updated first. For some homeowners, painting kitchen cabinets is the easiest – and certainly most *cost effective *choice in redoing a kitchen.

The first step is to take a look at the kitchen as a whole, determine if the appliances are up-to-date and if the flooring still looks new. Another step is to look at the wallpaper, paint, tiles, and counter tops to determine if they are old, faded, damaged, and worn, and decide if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. Finally, verify if the cabinets now fit in with the new look of the room, if painting
kitchen cabinets is sufficient, or if they need to be replaced. If painting these older cabinets will suffice, then the homeowner should hire us.

Getting things done professionally is your best bet!

Why Hiring us to refinish your cabinets is the best choice.

There are some major benefits to hiring Pucci for painting kitchen cabinets. The one that is certainly the biggest advantage
is that the finished work will look great when the our professional team have fully completed the job. A second bonus is that there is no wear and tear on you the homeowner and the job is generally finished a lot quicker. We are competitive and provide you with superior service commonly unseen in this industry.

One great advantage that comes along with getting a professional painting contractor like us for the task of painting your kitchen cabinets
is that we will offer some additional creative solutions for restoring the look of the kitchen. We will offer color ideas that will fit into the look of the kitchen that may not have been considered before, and because of our past experience, we can make some excellent recommendations. If you can conceive it we can create it. We use the best finishing equipment in the industry and we strive to make it as inconvenient as possible.

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