What is Custom Painting? Isn’t every painter the same?

Don’t you love that title?  Custom Painting?     Painters……Well for many 1000’s of years we have been the ever burdened laborers who have been just the LABORERS. But..Every now and again inside a painter sparks an artistic ability that empowers the painter.  I like to think I have that spark! I consider myself an applicator or a finisher and YES a custom painter. When you think of a painter most picture a guy scrambling around an exterior with a spray gun and a roller,  Smoking a cigarette and reeking of last nights 18 pack of Budweiser. Your right that is 60% of painters (in my opinion).  When you are seeking a painting company to perform a project for your home or business what do you look for?  Many people are looking to get things done at the lowest price. I admit I have done the same myself. And then wondered why I didn’t spend just a little bit more and not only get the job done right, but lock down a business relationship that would last for years. When you hire based on the bottom line, you only get the painting. Most of the time clients are not interested in who we are, our family or what our story is? When you hire Amormino & Pucci Painting you immediatly earn our respect, you become our family, your not a one time client but treated as a friend. And friends come back again and again to the businesses that they like. And I also return to my clients businesses over and over again to repay the same gratitude they blesssed me with by sharing theyre money in return for a paint job. When you pay somebody peanuts youll get the shells, and youll have to sweep em up to when they leave.

This brings me to my story of Spartacus. Spartucus was an old 1930-s carousel horse I’ve repeatedly said that it takes someone who knows what there doing to prep the woodwork and provide a 5 star finish. Would you know what one even looked like?

My client called me on the phone and said I have just left an estate sale and do I have a project for you! Can I come drop it off? Its a suprise! I had no clue what I was in for. 2 hours later this large moving truck shows up to my shop. My client the owner of ABC sales. Who owns several as seen on t.v stores also was sitting in the passenger seat just laughing and giggling as if she just played a prank on me. (the prank was an education in horse restoration) I had no idea what I was in for. Her husband opened the back of the truck and there it was A Black and blue painted carousel horse! I do not have the original picture but Image Many horrible paint jobs, the last with a brush! Thats how the story begins of Spartucus. Over the next several months I stripped and patched,filled,sanded,primered,sanded,carved and shaped the mane, glued the legs, joints seams etc. OH yes and had to reattach his HEAD, line up and carve all the details in his mane.  I felt like I was building this sucker from scratch. So many hours ! Fixing teeth, and getting rid of kids dents, dings and carvings into his body. After much time he really started to take shape and I could start to envision the colors and test them, making sure they were correct befor applying to the horse.   Painting, I used a 1363643768947 1363643770221 1363643769763 1363643770352 1363643771827 1363643772064 IMG_20120411_085114 IMG_20120410_172529 IMG_20120410_172500 IMG_20120410_172520 IMG_20120410_172858 IMG_20120410_172704White Lacquer with clear satin top coats, I air brushed the dappling on the horses chest. 5 times before it was right. (secrets to removing glaze over lacquer i’ll share another time). Needless to say I had never painted a horse before and this was my opportunity to learn & paint this amazing carving and bring it back to life! There was saddle coloring, glazing, highlights, the dogs faces in the rear of the saddle, the scabbord sheath, the breast wrapping material all glazed and highlighted. I used a bit of gold on accents and polished the brass pole he was resting on to complete. By far one of my proudest moments was when I Signed” SPARTUCUS” his new name,  on the bottom next to mine. Then as if the story was over and you fall in love with something and its gone.  It was picked up strapped down and driven to a new home. Thats the life of a passionate painter. You give your all in your art and your custom painting then have to leave it behind, or trade it for money. Not a bad deal really !!! Hope you enjoy and hope you like the pictures. I like the crazy dog animal, thing on the back, I gave him a gold chain.   E











Ezra PucciWhat is Custom Painting? Isn’t every painter the same?