Hey it’s me….Is that you?

When we wander and weave through our days, meeting our friends, relatives and the strangers we engage. Isn’t it amazing that we all have little things we want to talk about and say, but don’t.   Whether its your own personal dreams you want to share, desires, wants, or needs , Or you want to simply say Hello to someone. We should never be that busy!  Why do we restrict ourselves from being exactly who we were naturally born to be? Human beings, not human doer’s or human machines!  Are we fitting a mold of correct? or proper? to who?  We all have a personality that is more relaxed and fun when behind closed doors. We feel comfortable with the ones we love. We engage in stimulating conversations, laughter, games and true enlightenment of the life we have been given. But then why do we put up walls when in public, closing ourselves off from one another. (Oh, but your so social online!)  When you go to the store today, just strike up a conversation with someone, when you are at work chat with a person whom you think is interesting. Tell someone what you think of them Honestly. (compliments preferred!) When you relax and take a deep breath your body will react,you’ll probably smile  and the world will notice.  Let down your frustrations, let loose the egos, the I need to impress fixations, or I need to live up to this standard,  just chill, enjoy people, they were placed here for us to love.  And next time you have a project in your home and you want to feel comfortable, someone who will make the process fun and not stressful then call me. I’ll handle all the details keeping you smiling the entire way. You just relax, Chill,  sit back and know I 1363643762886 got it handled. You won’t be disappointed.  Amormino & Pucci Painting Company.

Ezra PucciHey it’s me….Is that you?