My Abstract art.

Even though we are busy running around, working, taking care of our families. It is important to find time to relax, release and decompress from life’s stress and business. I like to create! It can be clay work, art, furniture or just sitting down with a pencil and paper and drawing. Things in life used to be more simplified, our kids didn’t have computers. Neither did adults! So sometimes I think its important to recharge by turning off the Puter! and having some creative fun. This piece I created last week in my shop using Italian plasters, mineral paints, pigments and misc other materials. When I was done it was great. Then I decided it needed to be more unique so I scraped all of it off with a blade, the colors tinted the canvas and then I added some iron and rust . Sometimes when you choose a different path than one your used to either a door will open, or you’ll end up with something better, something you never expected. A damn cool piece of art. Enjoy. Go and make something unique!2014-01-30 13.42.06 2014-01-30 13.42.18

Ezra PucciMy Abstract art.