“Transform Your Home in Sonoma, CA with Ezra Pucci’s Organic Painting Services: Healthy, Sustainable and Beautiful”


I wanted to share another Organic panting sonoma project with everyone. As you know I ve been painting with the most amazing products in the world for 10 years now. These products I use are not being offered to anyone in Sonoma or the Northbay that Im aware of.  There are a limited number of painters who would even have a clue to what Organic Painting is.  For years Ive been installing these amazing products in my clients homes,  and offices.  Until now i’ve been spreading the word one client at a time.  Today I thought I would write about the benifits and upside of switching from your traditional acrylic and petro chemical based paints, and convince you to come on over to the natural and friendly side of the industry. I placed a couple photos below of recent work performed using these products. The products I use are the best in the world. I have a vast experience using these on walls, ceilings, furniture and cabinetry!  Ive installed specialty rooms and furniture that have been showcased on television and enjoyed by T.V. and Movie personalities. Ive created unique finishes for kitchens and commercial sites also. I enjoy working with these materials and my clients can see and feel the difference as they walk into a room. The mineral in these products provides more light reflection and the walls have a warm glow to them that is spectacular to see.




“Elevate Your Home’s Look and Feel with Ezra Pucci’s Expertise in Organic Painting in Sonoma, CA”

“Are you looking to refresh the look of your home while also prioritizing your health and the environment? Look no further than Ezra Pucci of Pucci Painting and Refinishing Services in Sonoma, CA.

For over 10 years, Ezra has been utilizing the most amazing and unique products in the world for his painting projects. These eco-friendly and sustainable painting products are not offered by anyone else in the Sonoma or Northbay area, making Ezra one of the few painters who truly understands the concept of Organic Painting. He has been installing these products in his clients’ homes and offices for years, and the results speak for themselves.

Ezra’s use of mineral-based paints derived from nature and eco-sustainable resources, instead of traditional acrylic and petrochemical-based paints, not only improves the look of a room but also enhances the indoor air quality. The mineral in these products provides more light reflection and gives walls a warm glow, creating a inviting and healthy atmosphere.

Ezra’s vendor is the first paint manufacturer in the world to have thirteen interior and exterior paint products Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver v3.1, which is a multi-attribute, continuous improvement methodology that evaluates products across five categories of human and environmental health. This certification ensures that the products are non-toxic, do not cause or aggravate asthma, do not contribute to Sick Building Syndrome, do not cause cancer or affect immune systems, and are hypoallergenic.




The EPA Ranks Poor Indoor Air Quality Among The Top Five Environmental Risks To Public Health And Estimates That Indoor Air Is Two To Five Times More Polluted Than The Outdoors



Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you may have about your home or office. Im available to help you create the warm and inviting spaces you deserve and provide you with a level above the rest in my service and in the quality of the products I offer.

Ezra Pucci

Amormino & Pucci Painting co.



Ezra Pucci“Transform Your Home in Sonoma, CA with Ezra Pucci’s Organic Painting Services: Healthy, Sustainable and Beautiful”