Organic painting , Walls , trim & Cabinetry. Roma Paints, By Ezra Pucci

140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_164 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_149 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_130 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_114 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_083 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_070 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_056 140619_Baumann_800FifthStEast_RDH_037Here are some great pictures I just received from Del Dev Co. Construction. Who teamed up with Robert Bauman & associates. I designed the finish on the cabinets which was a potassium silicate based product. I aged the cabinets with aging techniques, and distress work that included water damage effects,splitting, wear and traditional use damage. I aged the kitchen naturally emphasizing those effects only in the main areas of use to prevent a produced looking finish. The finish was top coated with Roma Ecocer MatteVarnish. This Varnish boasts great stain proof abilities and has a true English glow. The Walls were coated using Roma Domus Matte paints, providing a radiant glow to the space that traditional paint can not duplicate.

Ezra PucciOrganic painting , Walls , trim & Cabinetry. Roma Paints, By Ezra Pucci