Ezra Pucci, A Painter in Sonoma has Unique creative skillset.

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the amazing story of this little round table. I have several round table stories but this one was carried by true creativity. Painting is hard work right? Painting is a coating right? Well I was given the table and told make it awesome! I saw the room, linens, carpet, tile and had to design the finish. IMG_20120411_085002

Well this little table was coated in Lacquer. I knew I needed to make it look amazing, it was for a family in television and wasgoing to be “ON CAMERA” . No pressure there right? Well once I stripped the lacquer off the table I saw the light natural beauty of the grain. It also had an amazing pattern on the top which I didnt want to hide. It was the tables natural charachter. I decided to coat the table in a mushroom colored lime wash! it was amazing it blushed to perfection and then came the difficult part. Since lime has a high PH and is very chalky you wouldnt want it as a table right? It would get wet and the rings of cup water would leave marks and ruin the finish. So I had to figure on consolidating in the lime so I could clear coat it. I used a velatura sisslonica from Roma Paints www.romabio.com Then I was able to apply 4 coats of finish in a true dead flat finish. The results are still perfect and all was good. Even got to see it on T.V.












IMG_20120412_123741 - Copy


Ezra PucciEzra Pucci, A Painter in Sonoma has Unique creative skillset.