Painting Nursery

Hello, today I wanted to share an amazing project here in Sonoma for a new mom. Jolena Helen was expecting a baby girl and wanted her nursury to be the best it could be for her new joy. I used three different colors and three different size stripes to accomplish this painting task. We painted the crown Moulding and also installed a chalkboard finish on the lower section of the walls. Application for stripes is very tricky and has to be done in the right way to look perfect. I will give you the secret NOW! When painting stripes heres the lowdown. After you have layed out your area and set your first tape line use the wall color that you placed your tape on and “back paint” the edge. This process will fill the areas that will bleed under the tape otherwise. Then when it is dry go ahead and switch paints and paint the stripe the intended color. Repeat this process over and over with each color and when your done it will look like wallpaper.

IMG_8924IMG_8935 IMG_8919 IMG_8946

Ezra PucciPainting Nursery