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Organic Paint Stands Up to Everyday Use

If you’re worried that organic paint might not work as well as its chemical based counterpart, you needn’t be. Organic paint performs just as well as conventional paints in terms of coverage and durability. You can wipe it clean with a sponge without worrying about ruining the paint.

The best news about organic paint is that you don’t have to sacrifice your decorating flair or favorite colors for the sake of the environment. Many people think that using organic paint means they’ll be working with a limited pallet of neutrals and dull, toned down colors. This is simply isn’t true. Organic paint can be found in an array of vibrant colors to compliment any decorating scheme.

If you’re planning on painting you home soon, consider using organic paint. It’s not only good for you and your family it’s good for the environment as well.IMG_20130529_150649

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