Going beyond Low V.O.C in the North Bay!!

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As it is becomes more and more imperative that we look to the protection and preservation of our planet, we also must remember preservation of ourselves, our employees and the health of our children and families.  Amormino & Pucci Painting Company is leading the
way in the use of non-toxic, Organic,  eco-sustainable paints,plasters, stains and Varnishes.  Now, not only will you receive the most quality paint service money can buy,  but you can be confident  about your decision to protect your Homes, schools and businesses with products that are durable, mold and mildew resistant, free of asthamagens, hypo allergenic and safe for children. Our products, preserve indoor air quality and create a unique luminescence with mineral light refraction which is not possible with Acrylic paints. Amormino & Pucci Painting is going beyond Green and low VOC we are setting the standard for California Call today to find out how you can have the healthiest paint job in your town.
Ezra PucciGoing beyond Low V.O.C in the North Bay!!