Sonoma Valley Painting Co. Amormino & Pucci complete the Patz & Hall tasting room.

Ezra Pucci fully understood the vision and couldn’t wait to make this New Tasting room look GOOD!    Once the red tape was cut,  He began the painting work on  the the new  Patz & Hall Family winery’s tasting room.  Amormino & Pucci Painting company was selected for the painting and  finishing work. Which included 8,000 square feet of open spaces which were converted and transformed into Sales and Marketing offices , Administration offices, two private tasting rooms and the large main room, which now exhibits a beautifully designed wine bar. Ezra Pucci,  was responsible for all the interior finishes which consisted of  staining doors and trim, using over 14 different paints and colors. Not only was the project a great experience. (because He loves this stuff) He was happy to have met and made friends with the Owners, partners, employees and contractors. And is looking forward to working with these great people again in the future. Below are just a couple pictures. He doesn’t want to spoil the reveal and wants visitors to see the tasting room for themselves,  He  used  the Roma Italian Organic paints on the brick incorporated Italian Lime to help with the transforming monochromatic look he desired.  Amormino & Pucci Painting had become one of the leading painting contractors in Shasta County and now Sonoma valley And the surrounding areas with a reputation of quality craftsmanship and superior service. In addition to standard residential and commercial interior / exterior paint work, Ezra specializes in staining, cabinet refinishing, furniture refinishing, faux finishes, lime wash, and plasters, hand texturing and Italian mineral paint application. He is a true leader and innovator when it comes to artistic custom jobs, working with his clients to achieve their goals. And the only Organic Painter in the Valley. There are some pictures below of the Interior exterior doors leaving the bar area. He  Faux finished  these grey metal doors into A  damn good match to Stained Douglas fir. So next time your driving on the east side of Sonoma,  Stop on in at 21200 Eigth st east and have some of the best wine in the Valley.  And tell them Ezra sent you…….

The Sonoma House at Patz & Hall

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Ezra PucciSonoma Valley Painting Co. Amormino & Pucci complete the Patz & Hall tasting room.